Best Chromebook in Canada 2017: Best Google Chrome Laptop in Canada

Best chromebook laptop in Canada of 2017

If you are in market for the best laptop just for surfing the Internet in Canada, then you should definitely go for one of the best chromebook models. Chromebooks are not just another budget windows laptops. They are for those people who are sick and tired of maintaining their laptops and desktop computers. These people are looking for a laptop that is not prone to viruses and something that just works. If you are one of them, then you should go for one of best chromebook laptops mentioned below.
Best Chromebook in Canada 2017

Another reason why people go for Chromebooks is fact they offer excellent battery life. Since a Chromebook is a laptop just for surfing the Internet, Google has laid down strict guidelines and one of them is that their Chromebooks should have 7-12 hour battery life. You do not need a laptop with i7 CPU and 16GB RAM to get a smooth running system. Something with latest Celeron processor and 2GB RAM is more than enough to run ChromeOS smoothly. Also, the integrated graphics are fine for your daily multimedia tasks like listening to music and YouTube videos. No need for a laptop with dedicated graphics card.

For screen size, you can choose between 11.6” to 15.6” inches but there are a few Chromebook based desktop computers as well that pack 21” or bigger screens. Bu since Chromebooks are made for people who are always on the move, most models come with 11.6 inch screen. But if you do a lot of typing, getting a bigger chromebook with 13 inch or 15.6” screen makes sense. All of the Chromebooks are fairly cheap except for few where you get premium features like convertible touchscreen design and full HD laptop screens. There are no UHD laptops though. Since you will be doing web browsing most of the time on your chromebook, save some money go for a simple model with HD screen only.

Apps used to be a problem on Chromebook but that is now a thing of past as Google has introduced a bridge that allows users to install their favorite android applications on it. So now, it is easier to find an alternative to your favorite windows’ app. Best Chromebook in Canada are given below.

HP Chromebook 11

HP Chromebook 11 is the best chromebook in Canada. It makes working online effortless. It’s light and with claimed 11.5 hours of battery life, you have the power to work and play all day. It boots fast and performs tasks fast. There is no perceived lag and is great for university students to do their school assignments as-well-as for note-taking. The keyboard is near-full size and extremely comfortable for typing long documents.

HP Chromebook 11
* 11.6-Inch diagonal HD SVA eeDP WLED anti-glare (1366 x 768)
* Intel Celeron Dual Core N3060 processor (1.6Ghz with turbo boost technology up to 2.48Ghz)
* 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM (onboard) and 16Gb eMMC storage, Chrome OS

Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip is a touchscreen laptop that features a 360-degree hinge allowing user to use it variety of modes. Since it is a touchscreen, you can flip it back and use it in tablet mode. And when you need that keyboard, flip it back and use it in laptop mode that gives you a spacious keyboard and large touchpad with full multi-finger gesture support. It is an amazing university and everyday laptop.

Asus Chromebook Flip
* Multi-touch 10.1 inch screen, can be used as tablet
* Quad core processor at 1.8GHz
* 4GB RAM, 16GB SSD, HD webcam, 9-hour battery life

Acer CB3

Acer CB3 is a cheap and cheerful chromebook on sale in Canada. It has long lasting battery that is paired to low price tag making it the best value chromebook. Its ultra-thin 11.6” frame that makes it easy to slip into slimmest of places. Its 11.6-inch anti-glare display ensures you to work outside in sunlight or brightly-lit conditions. Easily one of the best chromebook models in Canada.

Acer CB3
* 11.6″ IPS display, HD resolution
* Intel Celeron N2840 processor with Intel burst technology
* 16GB solid state drive, 2GB DDR3 RAM

Lenovo N22

Lenovo N22 offers excellent build quality and packs good enough specifications for daily computing work. The keyboard is comfortable, spill proof and you’ll have no problem typing documents.
Lenovo N22 Chromebook

* 11.6″ chromebook, 1366×768 resolution
* Dual core Intel Celeron N3050 processor clocked at 1.6GHz

Acer Chromebook R11

Acer Chromebook R11 is a super portable laptop that lasts on day on single charge. Its 11.6-inch touchscreen is fluid and can be used as tablet thanks to 360-degree display. It brings speed to another level thanks to latest Intel processor that is designed for efficiency and simplicity. Top class, best chromebook of Canada.

Acer R11
* 11.6″ touchscreen, 1366×768 pixel resolution, IPS technology
* Intel Celeron N3050 Dual-Core Processor 1.6GHz with Intel Burst Technology up to 2.16GHz
* 16 GB Solid-State Drive, 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM

Asus Chromebook C201

Asus Chromebook C201 is all about battery life, offering upto 13 hour runtime. It is powered by a quad core processor and has superior build quality. It has refined chiclet keyboard and spacious touchpad that gives you decent, comfortable space to easy key in data and navigate. Excellent, best chromebook of 2017.

ASUS Chromebook C201
* 11.6-inch glossy HD screen, high image quality
* Rockchip 3288-C Quad-Core 1.8GHz processor
* up to 13 hours of battery life, 4GB, 16GB SSD

Asus C300SA-DS02

Asus C300SA is a big chromebook laptop and best for those who are looking for a roomy keyboard and bigger screen. It infact has the largest touchpad in its class. It has decent dual core processor and fast memory that gives you excellent web browsing experience.

Asus C300SA-DS02
* 13.3” backlit HD non-glossy screen(1366*768)
* Intel Celeron N3060 processor, 1.6 GHz clock speed
* 4GB DDR3 RAM;16GB Flash Storage